How to protect yourself from fraudsters
your security and the security of your account are important for us. With the help of a few rules and precautions you can prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a fraud.

Example of a fraudulent email.
The quality and safety of the platform, and thus of your account, are our main concern. Like all internet service providers, however, occasionally falls victim to fraudsters who try to access data about clients and accounts.

We, naturally, do all in our power to combat fraudulent emails. However, as we are not always able to pre-empt them, we would like at this point to give you a few tips on how to protect yourself.


The theft of users‘data (Phishing)
The scam is simple: fraudsters set up a website which looks just like the login page of By means of fraudulent emails and some form of pretext –usually „urgent“reasons such as warning of an imminent loss of data or ostensible security checks – they urge you to register with their account. As soon as you log in on this fraudulent website the fraudsters gain access to your user name and password and then misuse your account for their own purposes.

Only enter your user name and password if you are sure that you are on the website of Agropool ch.. You can recognize this by the fact that address (URL) in the browser begins with

Another thing: never give your user data if you are contacted through the contact form of by a potential buyer who points out a link to another internet page on which your vehicle is also advertised.


Decoy advertisements: be on your guard!
If you are seeking to buy something you should likewise beware of certain things, as fraudulent advertisements are not always identifiable by their poor mastery of language or formatting mistakes. Basically speaking, if an offer sounds too good to be true, you should view it with scepticism.

Some typical features of attempted fraud are an unusually attractive price, a very rare model, or simulated sale time availability pressure (“....this offer is only valid until tomorrow. If not sold by then the machine will be picked up by someone else. “) Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an advertisement, then contact the customer service of does not offer an escrow service does not have an escrow service which buyers or sellers can use for the processing of a transaction. Furthermore, does not give any sellers, either dealers or private individuals, a trustworthiness rating. Should you receive an email inviting you to make use of an ostensible Agropool escrow service, you are dealing with a case of attempted fraud.

The latest fraudsters‘trick: emails with harmful attachments. If you receive any email offers with designations such as ""Building Trust in Transaction “with the misleading dispatching address of, please forward them immediately to . This enables us to take effective action against these people and put a halt to their fraudulent activities.

For your own protection we also recommend never to send any documents such as passport, ID,driving licence, or vehicle papers as a supposed “sign of confidence“. Criminals use such documents for other attempted scams.

As well as the danger of emails which purportedly come from you should also bear in mind a few more points such as the following ones – particularly when it is a matter of making a payment.


Cheque fraud in a sale
Among other things, sellers of vehicles are sometimes defrauded by cheques which bounce after the completion of a sale. Never accept payment by cheque!

Should you, as a seller, receive a cheque by post (usually from abroad) , for an amount which is in excess of the agreed price of sale, you can be sure that this is a scam. Under no circumstances should you pay back the difference in the amount, as the cheque will probably later turn out to have been stolen or forged - even if it stands up to an initial scrutiny.


A Western Union cash transfer
In the event of making a cash transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram you should also exercise care. As you do not know the recipient, you are taking a great risk with such a transaction. Never make any payment in advance! Bear in mind that a cash transfer is basically not an appropriate way of paying for the purchase of a vehicle!

Even when a cash transfer is made to a relative or friend of yours, you are not necessarily protected from fraud. An ostensible seller with criminal intentions only needs a few personal details to withdraw your money with forged papers. As a seller also you should avoid using cash transfers. does not help to set up meetings does not involve itself in the purchasing process. We are not aware who buys which vehicle from whom. All sales agreements are negotiated between seller and buyer. Neither does help to set up meetings between buyer and seller.

In the worst case scenario the ostensible buyer will have criminal intentions. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid unusual meeting places such as motorway parking lots or parking garages, and/or take a friend along for the handover. Should you, nevertheless, fall victim to a fraud, contact the nearest police station immediately and inform the customer service of at the following email